Challenge yourself!

Wow! I am actually doing this…

Welcome to!

This is my very first post and I am so excited about it. My reasons? There are a whole lot of things on my inside, crying out for expression and all I have done about it before now is – Nothing! I am challenging myself, and at the same time calling out to as many as have dragged their feet about one thing or the other that needs to be done, but you just keep postponing…

Get up and just do it!

The posts you will read here are going to be real, thought-provoking and straight from the heart. At the same time I am not going to be “all work and no play”; it’s going to be a good mix of the fun stuff and the serious stuff. There will be posts from guest authors some of the time, but it will be basically life-enriching and of immense value. So, be on the watch out; you will be glad you stumbled on this!

Please feel free to follow this blog, just click the “follow” button on the right side bar and fill in your email address to receive notifications when there are new posts. That way, you don’t get to miss out. And hey! since life is all about giving and receiving, share this with your friends in as many ways as you can.


4 thoughts on “Challenge yourself!

  1. Procrastination is postmotem of most ideas. Ü hve å Dream? Go 4 it. As long as ü start, never give in or up…å new Discovery beckons…an idea ü ve Today cud be another’s Discovery tómmorrow..go 4 IT.

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