Make or Mar: The power of the Tongue…

The power of the Tongue…

We have heard it over and over again that there is power in the tongue. But hey! the thing is, we hear so many things and even chant them, but how much of it do we actually internalize, how much of it do we understand? How much of the great things we hear do we actually make our guiding principles?

Your tongue and the words you speak are so powerful and highly effective – positively and negatively. See your words as seeds planted in the heart of those who hear it. Every day we communicate with people (in written or spoken words), we plant seeds that will definitely grow… seeds that will make or mar!

What seeds have you planted today?

I know it is generally believed that women speak three times more than men (I wonder how true that is…), so ladies please take special note of the seeds you sow! *winks*

Learn to add value with the words you speak. If you must say something, think before you open your mouth. And hey! who says you must say something anyway?

You might as well do this…

Seal your lips!



4 thoughts on “Make or Mar: The power of the Tongue…

  1. I’δ like τö comment on δ awesone wonders tht cn b achieved by δ tongue…its å valuable when it sync w!f ur postive tots. Postive thinking plus å bridled tongue will take ü τö δ very top. What ever ü Desire τö achieve; speak it,believe IT, tht will der Settle it..on å lighter,Ψë all need τö tell those Ψë care about how much Ψë Lθυε them…our parents,our spouses or wud-be spouse, our Kids etc. Nice one ηκεmcfa.

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