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Nigerians: Would you come back home?

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I have been doing a lot of thinking in recent times, and one of those thoughts is what inspired me to post this poll.

A lot has happened in Nigeria in the past few weeks, and a lot is still happening. I have heard great men speak of the immense potential Nigeria has as a nation, I have heard prophecies, I have wondered why this country still stands as one despite all she has been through, I have heard my friends and peers alike share their diverse opinions on the future and the plight of this country. At the same time, I have heard sad stories of violence, corruption, wickedness, and complete disregard for law and order.

Hmmmm! My heart is heavy…

I know that as a nation, Nigeria is blessed with young men and women with hopes and dreams and potentials (intellectual, financial, physical…etc) all crying out for expression. Some may never get the chance to go beyond the borders of this country, but still a good number of Nigerian youths will find themselves having the opportunity to get outside Nigerian shores either to further education, vacation or job placements….

In the light of all we see happening around us, if you, as a Nigerian, find yourself outside the shores of this country, and you had a chance to decide whether or not to return, what would your choice be?

Kindly vote in this poll and share the link to friends, so we can have a sizable number of participants in this poll and draw reasonable conclusions.

Here it is….

Do you (still) believe in the Nigerian dream?

Please feel free to drop in your comments…

God bless Nigeria!